Hello hello everyone! Once again, welcome to my blog!  I live in Brooklyn NY, and I am a self-taught seamstress, fashion designer, DIYer, and plus size blogger. All those things together, I get what I like to call a RE-FATshionista. I thrive in individual style and DIY. I love the freedom that it brings. From making plain items fancy. Fancy items plain. Big items small. Small items big. Cutting, embellishing, painting, dyeing, bleaching. I do almost anything to make clothes suit my style better. I also make my own jewelry and other accessories 

Here on my blog, I can show you how to do the same. Hopefully I can even help you gain the confidence to get your own sewing machine and join in on the fun. Trust me, sewing is easier than you think. I also enjoy the feeling of wearing clothes and accessories I know I wouldn’t see anyone else wearing. And I feel a lot of you would enjoy that feeling as well. When most clothing stores are selling the same styles of clothing, we can’t help but to blend in with each other. If you’re like me and enjoy standing out or want a style all your own. This is the place for you! Subscribe and follow me on social media if you haven’t gotten the chance yet.